How Can I Make White Stuff Come Out of My Vagina?

Sun, 11/28/2010 - 13:40
Submitted by Betty Dodson

I've been having sex with my boyfriend for months now and i love it. he does everything right but i think i've either masturbated too much or i dont know how to cum. he always says " I Wanna see some White Stuff ... " What the hell is white stuff? How can i make some white stuff to come out my vagina ?!

Dear A,

I fear you have both fallen for the G spot hype. You need to masturbate more so you can better understand your sexual response patterns. Don't listen to your uninformed BF. He is NOT doing everything right if he's waiting for you to squirt "white stuff" which isn't female ejaculation. The reports usually describe a clear fluid. His precious "White stuff" is a vaginal discharge that's from a pussy out of balance. Google yeast infection or read what we have on our website under vaginal discharge.

Then go to "First Time Orgasm" and read my suggested steps on how to become orgasmic. Your clitoris is your primary organ for pleasure. The vagina is the birth canal that all little boys want to play inside of instead of bothering to find out what you prefer. But of course you would have to know that first so you can tell him.

Dr. Betty

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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Boyfriend Wants To See White Stuff - 11-28-2010

Thu, 02/03/2011 - 14:40
KateDonovan (not verified)

I agree with your statement that the "white stuff" her boyfriend is looking for isn't the clear liquid that's associated with G-spot Female Ejaculation.  But I disagree heartily with your pronouncement that it's a vaginal discharge causeesird by a pussy out of balance from a yeast infection.  That's certainly possible, but not an absolute fact for all of us.  Honest to god, in the desire to bring peace of mind to women who don't lubricate for squat,  and can't cum through intercourse alone, those of us who CAN are now left feeling as freakish as those other women did before.  Can we please have a little swinging of the pendulum back this way again?
Some of us ladies actually DO cum from penetration alone (do NOT touch my clit during intercourse!).  Some of us also ooze lubrication from the minute we begin to be aroused until we clean up after having fun.  In my case, if the penetration is vigorous, that fluid sprays, but I consider that the outcome of displacement, rather than ejaculation.  When an orgasm by any means is particularly intense, partners have often told me that they have felt what they call "girl cum" flowing over their penis while inside me, or seen it leaking out of my vagina during orgasmic contractions.  I've even seen it myself a few times when masturbating, and seen drips on the shaft, or a small puddle in the indentation on the head of my exotic dildo.  The color ranges from almost clear to translucent white, and seems to depend on where I am in my menstrual cycle.  It smells and tastes just like my regular "juices" (musky & salty) but seems to be slightly thicker.  It's not artificial lubricant, since I only use that with very large toys or for anal training.
It could be that this young man has previous experience with someone like me, and misses something he foolishly assumed all other women would do.  The lovers I've known seem to enjoy this immensely when it appears, and I admit, it's pretty fun.  I've never called it anything but "creaming" (as in creaming my jeans), and just enjoy it when it happens, like I do with squirting.

how do i make my girlfriend cum

Tue, 02/08/2011 - 13:32
justin2008 (not verified)

i have been with my girlfriend for over 4 years and since we have started having sex she has only came once. how can i make it happen more often. what position makes it easier for her to cum?

My name Is Jenny and every

Tue, 10/04/2011 - 13:27
Bella (not verified)

My name Is Jenny and every time I masterbate a little bit of write stuff comes out and some times It comes out a lot so what should I do about It ok thanks If you can help me

Please send your questions to Ask Dr. Betty

Betty Dodson's picture
Tue, 10/04/2011 - 19:50
Betty Dodson


Dear betty, i am a 35 year

Mon, 04/21/2014 - 20:16
Cheyenne Jessica (not verified)

Dear betty, i am a 35 year old woman who has been with my man for 16 years. I enjoy him in every way especially sexually. My question is how come when i have sex with other men in front of him, my discharge is white but when i have sex with my man,it's clear or not at all? I love my hubby and i am sexually aroused by him more than others b/c he knows what i like but i'm not understanding why the difference. We havean open relationship. I dont think of anyone else while i'm having sex with my man,nor do i let my mind wander. 

I've never felt an orgasm

Sat, 05/10/2014 - 21:21
angel 3456 (not verified)

dear Betty
I don't know what happens to me but I can't get an orgasm. I enjoy having sex with my BF but I've never reached it. I've tried by myself since it is said that you first have to explore yourself ,your likes and dislikes ...I've already done it and I try to read , to learn new techniques it's quite frustrating for me because in my 26, all the BFs I've had always ask me why I never come , so because of that I just fake it and I don't wanna fake it anymore. Therefore , my question is what can I do to get an orgasm ? is there a good technique to cum ?

I do not answer any questions from the comment page.

Betty Dodson's picture
Mon, 05/12/2014 - 11:00
Betty Dodson

Please go to "Ask Dr. Betty" and I will happily respond.
Thank you, Betty Dodson


Sat, 05/17/2014 - 01:48
NW Guy (not verified)

Coming from a guy, this might not hold much weight, but one thing I like to do, no, need to do, is to pay close attention to my partner and discover what I can do to make her feel good and achieve an orgasm. That's the best part of love making to me, is making her feel the best I can. I think instead of your boyfriend asking you why, he needs to ask himself why. If it's just the intercourse you're talking about when you mention sex, then you're both missing out on so much. My tongue, mouth hands, fingers and any part of my body I can use to make her have an orgasm first (before I go to town), is what I'll do. Does he take it slow and slowly work up to it, or is it a quick start kind of thing? Good sex is primarily in the mind. No desire, no pleasure. Make love making an hour or two event, not a five to ten minute session and you'll both notice so much of a difference. You can "explore" yourself, but whether you're a man or woman, it always feels so much better if someone else is exploring you and discovering your likes/needs. Treat it as a learning time, every time.

eating my wife's pussy

Sat, 06/07/2014 - 16:41
Juiceman (not verified)

Dear Betty
I trust that you are well. 
I have been married for 16 years now. I love making love to my wife and her pussy.  I kinda go crazy for her love juices. I really enjoy I make love to her and especially slowly making love her pussy to. I need to know about what can I do to her to come in my mouth multiple times with heavy loads of her juices. Need to know how can I get het to come in my mouth over and over again. She almost squirted many times and I have talked to her about being comfortable and explained that even though she always feels like it is pee, it is not but she is scared she might pee. I really need her to squirt for me so she to can see how awesome it really is. She just won't and the kinda puts the whole mood off for me. Please can you tell me what to do. 

GF has white semen like discharge

Sat, 07/05/2014 - 06:36
Kern (not verified)

dear betty,

my gf and i were having cyber sex when she climaxed and came.. however the liquid discharged were looking like semen. is it something to be worried of? its not my cum as we haven't seen each other in last 3 weeks.

thank you


Thu, 07/10/2014 - 14:09
Orysia (not verified)

Betty I've been married for 30 years and have never had a climax, at least not to my knowledge. I enjoy my husband's touch everywhere but after awhile I'm not interested.  I've tried to masterbate but don't know if I'm doing it correctly.  Plus, I don't get anything out of it.  Do I need a lot of help?

20 yrs married

Sat, 07/12/2014 - 03:13
Ahiggins (not verified)

First I will say I was on here to look up why my wife came whitesh rather than clear. This is the first time it seemed like 2 % milk
But I then saw your post. Ill be honest with you I found that the most important thing is to warm her up not her special but kissing , soft touches and tease her clit while kissing. Do not go full charge trust me you will sore her to quick. I'd say literally 20-3o min of slow soft for play.
Leave your dick out of it and when she try's to touch you tell her you has time for that but now it's her time. After the 20/30 min then let her touch you while you give another 5 min to kissing and tiuching each other. Note once in while as you both are sitting up touch her from behind grazing her special then come back to the clit. Now phase 2 lay her down and 69 big must for my wife and I if not ur guys cup of tea then lay her on her back while you get in dog position putting your leg in between her thighs. This way your above her not putting your weight on her and holding yourself up with your arms and kiss her while she gets of on your leg. Once in awhile rub her clit soft ! Holding yourself up with one arm both knees on bed floor
Now what gets my wife really squirting is when I just nearly at the entrance of her special I use two fingers and not digging deep just at opening and be really soft and slow. This help loosen her up it little so when she loosened you now use just one. It will feel better to her than not slowly loosening her.
Start slow soft with 1 finger usually the middle hence longest finger and comfortable for both. As your fingering her when your finger is inside her don't go in and out keep it buried in her then shake from l2 r u & d just a little not a jack hammer lol. Then go back to her clit then back with the shake then clit VVersa once in a while mix it up with 2 just at opening then maybe if she ready jack hammer w 1 finger just for a few secs don't over whelm her. Utilize These differant technics but remember to never forget the clit and be consistent with clit and not rubbing hard its very sensitive.
If she hasn't by this time then phase 3 get her in 69 position but her on top and use the technics above and when you shake it in their with out pulling it out or in and out just leave it buried in her and jackhammer her short but fast shakes try faster shakes and pay attention to her reactions and you'll know if your heading to buckets as we call it lol
During phase to and up suck her in between all this action and keep it mixed up not staying on one technic to long and reason I say try not a lot of in and out with fingers cuz it sores them quicker the great thing is if she squirts don't continue stop real fast leave your finger in and wiggle it speracticly but super soft and slow then when she calms down jack hammer again then if she squirts a lot a lot her special will get swollen in a great way and shell be extra tight and sensitive that she'll squirts when u stick it to her but it will dry up at this phase so plenty of something to wet her up. Hoped this helped good luck

He not in your head

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 12:04
nugget (not verified)

He not in your head when your having sex with other men you are more aroused because there dick is always a new and maybe better than your hubbie (especially if the men are different all the time) your pussy is use to having your hubbie inside so when fucking other men your brain is contacting with a new affection and without notice the mind and pussy is clicked to desire for better and new but for your hubbie try telling him to try new tactics and most of the same as the other men do try building up momentum by not having sex with each other for 2 weeks to 3 week and then yall sex would feel new and if he bang it up and give ylur body a pleasuring with some love sex with her body and some roughf/slow stroking to your pussy then your likely to cumm cream and squirt on your hubbies dick. 

You are fine. It is normal.

Thu, 12/25/2014 - 23:41
RayV (not verified)

You are fine. It is normal. Enjoy.

dr Betty

Thu, 01/01/2015 - 08:03
Spud12345 (not verified)

I've made myself bring out stuff out of my pussy what is it its brand new too me I brought it out just fingering my pussy it feels excellent when I do it myself with my fingers because I'm not married or I don't have a boyfriend too make my juices come out of my pussy

this is hirlarious

Mon, 01/05/2015 - 12:13
yu all cray (not verified)

yikes there appears to be a lot of mis-informed people out there, or a lot of jokers acting dumb. but it was fun reading.

I could not have said this

Sat, 01/31/2015 - 16:35
rae (not verified)

I could not have said this any better. People are way too uninformed about sex.  I didn't know I creamed until I met my husband.  She probably just don't love him. It's hard to get things like that from a woman who is not emotionally there with you. Sex is spiritual and people use it wrong. I'm not sure but from common sense of knowing not all people are the same I would assume our vagina's physical attributes are different as well

Thank you Kate Donovan.. I

Wed, 06/10/2015 - 22:37
Jenison (not verified)

Thank you Kate Donovan.. I too cream my jeans lol

Looks like I have never

Sat, 06/13/2015 - 13:02
ready to ejaculate (not verified)

Looks like I have never ejaculated then cause I never have white stuff come out only clear juices.
I'm 37 years old.  I would like to experience it...

Same thing

Wed, 07/01/2015 - 14:56
Lost without my love (not verified)

My girl did the same thing she came on his condom white and it ran down her butt crack , she tells me she cant finish that way but she shook and moaned and im no fool she had to have finished.She wont admit to it, i cant make her finish that way and i have tried she only will finish if i go down on her. So now im unhappy and i have to face the fact she is loeing to me my herts broken and we dont have threesomes anymore.

absolutely possible agreed

Sun, 10/18/2015 - 17:20
Jaden C (not verified)

This Betty person is out of her element on this topic. While yes some women may have a vaginal infection/ph imbalances this is not true for all of us. Especially if we have anal sex and cum really hars from it. I have a video of myself cum'n so hard I dripped cream and I did not have any infection or imbalances just good old fashioned hardcore for squirting that clearly comes from our urethra and I agree depends on what day of my cycle it falls on is the effect of color n smell. I always find it insane when especially a woman wants to brush off other women's sexual experiences n lump us all in a group. God forbid some of us aren't that cookie cutter mold. Vaginal orgasms are real. I hope Bettt reads this lol if she needs proof I will email her my cum videos

Awesomeness. Need that in my life

Wed, 03/30/2016 - 17:53
Sethuel82 (not verified)

Not all women can do what u do. I've had squirters n all, but I love the cream. I've heard guys say that's nasty n don't like it but I love it!!!! Wish there was a way to make all girls do it. I'd b in heaven

your right

Sat, 04/09/2016 - 13:09
BonerDoner (not verified)

Yes, if you aren't seeing it she's not turned on fully like not cumming.. white stuff equals she got her rocks off. if not you just had sex with her and she .. mmm like it? maybe.. :s not good.

most gals do the one nighters a one night stand to get this done. There is no way in H*** they never cum. Why because it gets .. them... off. If you can get her turned on then you can get her off. AKA see white stuff. You can, it is possible and is not hard at all to.... have her doing this before you even touch her. How you have to know what your doing and by that know what women are most like.

connection, touching flirting kissing just do whatever it is she likes the best.

She may even not know what that is .. that's why i say you... YOU the guy have to know what that is.  So that means try things out and don't be scared too. she'll like that as well.

also it's ovbious she's lieingg or ddoesn't get it or know because she said the guy beforee you had made her sooo... she just likely is not getting what happened. So You are going to have to take a i'd say break andd enlighten yourself a lot.  maybe month two three four five 6 ... by then after searching all over the net for all manner of things will you have a faction of that knolage it takes. Mature men also have a greatly hightened advantage over these women.. they know that older men get it and know that she is to cum.. if not he'll make her ;) lol via sa via she's cumming weather she likes it or not lol. that sorrt of attidute also does it for many wmoen they love alpha males,... they can complain up and down the whole wide world but in the end it comes to alpha male if you are not then idk man. Just try these things a bit at a time little by little and you'll see that alpha male in there somewhere. I'm sure.


Wed, 04/27/2016 - 11:14
Lissa ann (not verified)

You should squat more n think of orgasm

My boyfriend and I Have been

Mon, 05/02/2016 - 18:12
Ahmayshia (not verified)

My boyfriend and I Have been together for 7 months no sexual intercourse. I plan on surprising him next week on our anniversary and I have a lot of tricks and I am very blessed in that special activity but I wanted to know more about creaming and cumming more. Any suggestions?

Some answers from my experience

Thu, 11/23/2017 - 23:10
Fedorya (not verified)

I am not a doctor but just a regular man who will share his experience.
I did had many girlfriends in my life. About the creamy white stuff subject here my answer based on my experience.
If you are using a condom or lubrocant. It is highly probable that the lubricant is mixing with the femal love juice and with the friction created by your man vigorous moves create this white creamy stuff. It should not smell bad at all but have the usual love juice smell mixed with lubricant one.

If you are not using a condom then it is probably the precum of your man mixing with your love juice. The smell should not be bad at all and smell like cum mixed with love juice (be sure to take contraceptive.. most peoples doesn t know that man precum contain as much spermatozoids than the actual cum).

Sometimes it can even be only the friction of movments in your vagina that make the juice foam white (it is the same with man precum. It is clear translucide at first but became creamy white foam after some strokes during masturbation).

Concerning the woman here who ask how they could cum during sex.
I am with a woman i love so much. That i do everything during sex to make her cum.
It was hard at first but now after years we became accustomed to each others body that she cum every intercourse we have.
How ? Well its easy in fact. Im not a sex machine or a magician.
If your woman can cum by penetration only. Lucky you. 
But be realiste. Such women are a minority.
Most women will need that you or her play with her clitoris during the intercourse.
If you having hard time finding the good rythme (its very sensitive) just let the woman do it while you keep.being busy with your manhood.
Also NEVER forget her breast.
Penetration + breast plays + clitoris teasing at the same time = guarantee orgasm.
Of course the man have a job bigger than just pumping back and forth.. this job is "focus on pleasuring your woman before yourself". She will feel it and will love it. 
And lets be honest. There is no more joice for us man than seeing our woman cum (our ego skyrocket and we feel plainfully satisfied).
And believe me. Be focusing more on your girl than your own little jonnhy during intercourse.. when you finally cum its 10 time better. (The best is to time your ejaculation to your woman orgasm... its really the best feeling ever).

The hard part of it is of course for the man.. 
Women take longer than us men to cum. So we have to hold it until she can cum.
No secrets. You need practice and training.
Don't hesitate to stop moving for a while (you can stay inside her) with her breasts. Kiss her or wathever until the pressure in your mini me as reduced.
Changing frequently your position help to reduce the urge to cum.
Woman on top is in my experience the ultimate resting technique for men.
Just tell plainly your girl that you need a bit of rest and move to this position.
Just lay on your back. Don't move a inch and let your woman enjoy herself on you. Precise to her that you want to reduce your urge to cum and that you want her to be gentle.
Edging is also a solution. 
Just when you are about to reach the non return point. Stop moving and firmly grasp the base of the penis as if you want to prevent anything from going out. Stay like this 30s and voila.

Hope it would help some peoples.


Thu, 12/14/2017 - 11:43
Knoxx (not verified)

It is absurd that a "Doctor" would suggest there's something wrong with a woman who creams. Well over half the girls I've been with get that special kind of wetness; the other half, I may have just not noticed. I'm all about pleasing and I'm well hung so I count on seeing it. I think the most beneficial thing to do aside from have a good sex partner is to HYDRATE! I know my loads are quite voluminous if it's after a gym session (I drink nearly a gallon of water) and its overlooked by many. Oral is also a great kick-starter ofcourse. I would encourage you to experiment with water intake alone if you have no problem with arousal. Drink water like it's your job if you know you're finna smash and make sure your man is handling business. Tell him to read up on jelqing and to get a little extra girthy beforehand for added friction. Have fun!