FGM Patient Who Received Restorative Surgery Suffering From Vaginismus

Wed, 05/08/2013 - 09:35
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Dr. Dodson,

I hope you are very well!

Please forgive me for taking up your time and energy but we thought you maybe able to give us a lead on how to treat our FGM patient who had her clitoral restorative surgery with Dr. Bowers last month and who is suffering from vaginismus. This is a condition that is not the result of the surgery but most likely the result of the circumcision since she has been suffering from it for many years.

Diana Urman LCSW, our new volunteer Clitoraid psychologist, (here in CC) is looking for ways to help our patient and I suggested reaching out to you for advice.

We look forward to your reply if you can spare the time.

With continued admiration of your lifetime legacy to women's sexuality,

Yours truly,

Nadine Gary
Clitoraid Commucations Director

Hi Nadine,

It's been a while since I visited the Clitoraid website. Congratulations. It's much more elaborate now. However my one concern is the statement: "Clitoraid can surgically repair the clitoris of FGM victims, both in the Western world and in Africa."

In my discussion with Dr. Bowers on the phone, my understanding was if enough of the clitoral stem was left, she could pull it forward, anchor it and then construct a clitoris-like raised area that might provide sexual sensations for women. However the more severe cutting that leaves nothing, she can at least remove much of the scar tissue improving the appearance of the vulva. That alone made women happier.

I now get requests from victims of FGM who mistakenly believe they will surgically get a new clitoris. Even after Bowers does her restoration with the shaft, how many women can learn to orgasm? I'm working with women who have intact clitorises and they struggle to get any good sensations including an orgasm. They have been psychologically damaged without being circumcised. I'm concerned that the statement "repairing the clitoris of FGM victims" is misleading. There needs to be a disclaimer like, "Providing the kind of FGM" or some further explanation is needed.

One idea I've had for Clitoraid would be to get the women battery operated vibrators so they could practice masturbation by using it on the well-oiled "clitoral area." That plus penetration with a clean veggie carved to size while she uses her pelvic floor muscles, rocking her pelvis and breathing fully might engage more of the internal clitoris leading to nice sensations. Maybe even an orgasm. It seems to me that pleasant sexual sensations would be welcomed with or without an actual orgasm.

I'm sending links that have been helping women here. You are always welcome to use my information as long as it's attributed to me is included. Feel free to give me a call so we can talk further. As for first time penetration, I recommend a woman do that for herself with lots of lube (coconut oil works) while using her PC muscle combined with focused deep breathing.

I have not heard from Sylvie in ages. Tell her I miss her NYC visits.

PPS: I want to correct my description of the surgery. This is how Dr. Browers describes it. Much better. More clarity.

restoration (of sexual pleasure) is possible because the entire
clitoris is sensory, not just the amputated portion,” Bowers explained.
“Sensation is robbed (through FGM) because the amputated portion
retracts back and then gets covered by scar tissue. The clitoris is
foreshortened by FGM but it isn’t removed – not even a majority of it.
The restoration surgery exposes the clitoral stump. Then, with plastic
surgery techniques, we are able to bring the exposed portion to the
surface, suture it there and even create new labia minora in many cases
by utilizing the available surrounding skin. The exposed sensory
portion, free of overlying skin and scar tissue, is then there to

"Sexuality should be considered one of the basic human
senses...imagine if we took our children and poked their eyes out in
childhood? or their sense of hearing? or even smell? it would be an
outrage and we all should feel no less outraged about this process of
FGM and how important it is to do what we can to return that sense."[/i]

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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I believe that the vaginismus

Wed, 05/08/2013 - 14:57
lsjb (not verified)

I believe that the vaginismus is the result of not having penetration. The only way to correct this is with pelvic floor rehab and vagnal dilators. It can be a rather gentle process if there is no trauma present from prior sexual experienes.