12 Hours of Self Defense Training - Chances of Rape Drop by 50%

Fri, 06/12/2015 - 07:44
Submitted by Carlin Ross

Research has found that if a woman takes a 12 hour self defense class her chances of being raped or even attempted rape drops by 50%. When a woman knows how to throw a punch and kick, she doesn't mess around.

I've always thought that our culture's obsession with raising our daughters to be princesses who've never thrown a punch perpetuates the rape culture. It's not bad enough that every video game/movie/tv show story line features some sort of violence against women but the women rarely fight back. We want our girls to be soft and pretty so we don't school them on how to defend themselves.

If I had a baby girl, I was planning on enrolling her in karate and any other sort of fighting sport - f*ck gymnastics or cheerleading. Let's think less about being pretty and more about being strong.

Editor in Chief & Keeper of All Things Betty Dodson

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Learning to avoid conflict

Wed, 06/24/2015 - 07:04

Interestingly most self-defence lessons seem to focus very much on understanding the reality of your situation, when to walk away etc. and will use physical strategies only as a last resource.

I've always been taught to avoid violent situations where possible and only use violence as a means of escaping. A much smaller person (usually the woman) is almost always best advised to run. The women I know with serious skills are all so keen to keep their insurance that they almost automatically walk away when trouble arises.

However it's also essential to recognise that most victims of male violence on the streets around the world are other men, especially young men. Rather sadly, most physical violence experienced by women is from people they know in their homes rather than stranger danger on the street.

So it may be even more important to teach our sons how to diffuse anger and when to walk away from a situation, than it is to raise girls to be strong and independent. Being able to walk away from a fight, especially for young men aged 18 - 24 is a key life skill.

Avoiding conflict if possible

Wed, 06/24/2015 - 17:41

Young people do need to know the realities of self-protection, and they need to be taught how to spot potential dangers before they happen so that they can be avoided. Basic techniques on how to deal with attempted kidnapping and assault might be lifesaving and should be taught to everyone. It's very important to teach kids how to handle bullying of all kinds as well. While it's important to teach boys how to handle impulsive anger, it's perhaps even more important to teach them how to resist peer pressure when a group is taunting them and trying to goad them into a fight. That's actually the more difficult pressure to resist, and in recent years more girls need to learn these skills too. Shockingly, boys in some communities are so convinced that they'll die young and violently that they believe there's absolutely no point in trying to plan for their futures. All children and teens need to learn the meaning of empathy, as well as the sad fact that a few people have very little of it.

I believe that a large part of violence in our society is that it's top-down. In many countries including our own, governments routinely use lethal violence as one of their chief means of getting their way. As long as violence in international affairs and even sport is seen as normal and acceptable, we cannot find it surprising when some young people do as their elders do.

Hi Carlin. Thank you for

Fri, 01/29/2016 - 11:31
H-A-B (not verified)

Hi Carlin.

Thank you for raising self-defense awareness on your blog.

I have been teaching Krav Maga to women and girls for over 5 years
and we teach a very effective technique which I feel should should be in
every woman and girls arsenal. We are a women only event, run by women,
for women, and this is the extremely effective technique what we teach
to women of all ages.

The technique is the “groin grab” self defense technique which is to
be used against a male attacker, which is now taught in many womens self
defense classes, and there is actually a little trick to it…

To execute this technique, you’re going to take your hand and quickly
grasp between the attackers thighs underhand. Its going to feel like
you’re “cradling” the testicles. Quickly grab them and dig your
fingertips into the fragile skin BEHIND the scrotum. Then, once you have
a good grip, you turn your hand into a vice, with your fingers digging
inwards, around the back and over the top of the testicles. If you do it
right, you should feel the testes INSIDE your hand which is holding the
scrotum. You want, whenever possible, to hook your fingers over and
around at least one testicle. One of them is enough.

Then, with your hands in a claw and your fingertips latched around
the testes, you turn your hand sharply, as though you were turning a
doorknob. Simultaneously, squeeze hard and pull the testicles away from
his body as fast and as hard as you can. DO NOT LET GO OF THEM. This is
important. What happens then, is that your assailant usually screams out
in pain and then tries to grab the wrist of your hand holding him in a
futile attempt to try to get you to release him. Don’t. He then quickly
loses one of the natural advantages he usually has over us (his
strength) within a matter of seconds. Vomiting, curling over, collapsing
and convulsing is common. Shock and unconsciousness can set in within 8
seconds. If he initially starts to fight back then you tuck your head
in and keep squeezing his testicles until he faints. This only takes a
matter of seconds. When he collapses, which he will, you get away to
safety as quickly as possible and call for help.

It’s never too late to perform this technique at any stage of an
attack, and that even includes the option of reaching down if he’s on
top of you, but it is easiest to do when the testicles are exposed and
closest to you where you can grab hold of them. I’ve actually met
several women in my life who have fought off their attackers in this way
and one did it when her attacker was on top of her and raping her at
the point he lost control. Don’t ever hold back. Some women scream while
they are doing this, and some women think of a loved one being harmed
to help overcome any bad feelings of hurting someone else even if they
are being hurt themselves. Do whatever you have to do if you feel it

If done properly, and done with enough force, this technique can even
lead to the testicles rupturing. It’s actually easier to do than most
women believe, and just about all of us have the capability to injure an
attackers testicles in this way – whether we are young girls still of
school age, or whether we are great grandmothers. We, as women have no
part of our bodies as vulnerable as a mans testicles. After all, if you
think about it testicles are just small objects of extreme vulnerability
to pain squishiness wrapped in a delicate layer of skin which offers
them no protection at all from this kind of counterattack by a woman.
Most importantly, this fact holds true no matter what size your attacker
is, nor how strong he is. And no matter how angry he is, and how much
he’s threatened what he’s going to do to you, he’s going to drop. Don’t
let anyone (usually men who are very uncomfortable with thoughts of
women beating them in combat) try to convince you otherwise.

I once worked with a group of Somali women who informed me that
grandmothers, mothers, and daughters between generations shared this
powerful method of fighting off men. They even have a name for it in
Somalia and they call the move “Qworegoys”. They were surprised that
women in the West didn’t seem to share this information as much as they
expected, and even more surprised that most women didn’t even seem aware
of this technique.

I know that this advice would have been a difficult read for many
Women, but our lives are worth far more than a rapists testicles and we
should be prepared to do whatever it takes to get away to safety. Please
help to share this advice with as many other women and girls in any way
you can. It could one day be a life saver.