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  • Why are Legalizing Discrimination?   13 hours 44 min ago


  • Why are Legalizing Discrimination?   13 hours 46 min ago

    It is ironic that they protect the right to shoot of a gun but not a penis!  Which is natural and which did God make?

  • “I’m Here Because Of My Lineage. The Shame Ends Today”   14 hours 26 min ago

    Natasha, You've come so far in just the 3 short years i think it is since you started your orgasmic journey here. You've learned so much and now you are teaching, guiding, and inspiring others toward their own orgasmic journey. The way you express yourself in writing has evolved and become more powerful along with your orgasm. It's palpable. 
    Dodson's writings inspired me years ago to focus on my own self pleasure and helped guide my hand until my orgasm was finally at the center of my life, stronger and more plentiful than I ever imagined it could become.
    You are right on, we masturbate and develop our orgasms as a way to honor our ancesters before us. We also masturbate for our fellow sisters, for our independence and rights. We masturbate as an expression of our soul and our detemination to be ourselves and become better.
    As a modern liberated woman in control of my own destiny and orgasms, I'm proud and greatful for you taking the difficult but all so important, meaningful path you have taken, spreading the mesaage of masturbation and orgasmic lifestyle.
    I wish you would write about your own orgasms and how they have evolved and changed your own life.

  • Will I Still Ejaculate After My Hysterectomy?   1 week 6 days ago

    My wife had real bad Periods every other month then for two years prior she was bleeding for two to three weeks amonth 10 to 15 super tampons and pads until she was 58 she had great orgasms with the Hitachi thanks to Ms Betty's recomendation. However at 58 we both studied the problem and said enough is enough.  We talked to the Gyno, he said it is time so we scheduled an eblasion.... The Doctor said something is realy wrong in here. took biops could not find problem, he aluded to the C word he moved to a partial Hysto. trying to save cervix, one ovary, then he found the problems.. He said i need to take everything, so what will stay.... nothing it all has to come out. After 8 hrs of Surgery and post test its done not mention that the little insissions turned into Hip bone to Hip bone almost cut into my words. We were told by hundreds that sex is over.
    That was simply not true after one year. She asked for the Hitachi and I was more than happy to oblige. this was 3 months Post Op and has not stopped. I am 63 and I am becomming the problem....  Finally all we lost was the great ejaculations she used to have. O well.. Great and do not stop trying.  I hope this helps someone.

  • My Legs Shake Like Crazy When He Touches My Clit   8 weeks 6 days ago

    When my boyfriend plays with my clit my legs shake uncontrollably and then I have to stop him because it gets uncomfortable and just really uncontrollable, why is it so?

  • Can Only Orgasm With My Legs Crossed Rocking Back & Forth   9 weeks 1 day ago

    I am like that since I was nine years old. When some one a skme how I masturbate... I always point the pillow. The thing is society thought it wasn't normal like, what the heck? This is how we find our pleasure, we tried so many different method but it never works! How can you say rude things on us talking that it was just "on our brain and the way we ARE USE TO THINGS". For God damn sake, you don't even know how we really feel. 

    What we are asking was acceptance, acceptance that not all woman masturbated with their legs wide open and inserting fingers... I tried masturbation like that but it only ended me with BLOODY fingers, I prefer cross leg because it's less of a mess, people won't caught you so easily, you can do it basically anywhere without anyone knowing, the orgasm is very intense and it never involves my dirty hands who can tore up my inside. If you think doing this isn't a normal and try to change the way we do it ourselves, then we don't give a fuck on you. Who cares? In the end, it's our pleasure, not yours.

  • I'm Worried About My Penis Size   9 weeks 3 days ago

    I have a tiny blob on my dick because I have blood and I have no meat dick.


    Source: Soda1 on Excite Pics

    Source: Soda1 on Excite Pics

  • I Can Only Orgasm Squeezing My Legs Together   9 weeks 4 days ago

    I am almost in tears at finding this forum of comments! For the past 15 years I thought I was just alone in this world. I am 23 and I am just now discovering that many other women have this same version of achieving orgasm. I just thought I was broken, so many failed relationships because my partners couldn't help me achieve orgasm and thought they were at fault. I've always felt so broken but it is so nice to know that many other women have been experiencing this as well. I discovered that pushing my thighs together made things feel amazing when I was about 7 or 8. I have never been able to stimulate myself with my hands. It's just not pleasurable for me. I am curious what these methods are to break free from that mold. I would love to achieve an orgasm with a partner that I achieve with my own thighs.

  • Raising Happy, Grounded Self-Sexual Sons   9 weeks 5 days ago

    In the long term perhaps the most important advice is to be the people you want your children to grow into. As well as being affectionate to his son, perhaps the most important lesson your partner will teach Grayson is fundamental human respect, liking and love for his mother as the basis for any relationship he may have when he's grown.

    The years pass by ever so quickly and it is the lessons we live, rather than the ones we speak that bed down into our children's bones.

  • Raising Happy, Grounded Self-Sexual Sons   9 weeks 5 days ago

    Hi Carlin,
    I totally agree with you wanting to raise your son in a body confidence, sexuality comfortable environment. Will you continue with this even as Grayson enters puberty and adolescence? In other words, will you always be comfortable with Grayson seeing you naked? What kind of sex education will you give him as he enters his teenage years? Will show him everything he needs to know about the female anatomy and how to pleasure a woman?  What advice would you give other mothers in these areas?  Thanks for your posts!

  • Sometimes Your Birth Plan Goes South   9 weeks 5 days ago

    it would be amazing to have more birthing centers for women.  I have this fantasy of centers where you can get your birth control, termination, bodysex circle, and maternity care all under one room.  Western medicine combined with female-based natural methods of contraception and birthing options....with an all woman staff.

    A girl can dream. 

  • Sometimes Your Birth Plan Goes South   9 weeks 5 days ago

    belated congratulations! I have enjoyed your recent posts about Grayson but had not read about the birth -  as a labor and delivery nurse, I especially enjoyed your description of the maternity ward as a bodysex workshop! If only...  I am so happy for you that your experience was good, and so thankful that you are writing about the positive outcomes that Western medicine can bring. I am in a hospital that is SO western and medicalized and it is nice to hear an appreciation for the real life saving interventions that we can do. 
    sigh... I wish we did not automatically circumsize. the MDs get consent of course and I have never heard it pushed but there is not much discussion about leaving our young boy babies intact. 
    yes you did great to leave baby on your chest! We are "baby friendly" hospital and we are expected to keep newborn on mama's chest (and breast, even better) for at least the first hour after birth. we push that strongly! the family won't even know the weight for an hour, how can we weigh if we are doing skin to skin for the first hour? much better to bond than know the stats for the family! 
    thanks for your positive attitude toward birth and "western"medicine and understanding priorities ... I wish every baby could be born naturally in a pool at home with chanting and whatever but that is not real life and so happy we can intervene and deliver healthy babies how ever we can! 

    much love to you and Grayson

  • Raising Happy, Grounded Self-Sexual Sons   9 weeks 6 days ago

    This is such a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing it with us. Much love. 

  • Our Thoughts on Consent   10 weeks 3 days ago

    Thanks for sharing here such an inspiring video which pleasure
    manually & share it with a partner that is the essence of consent.

    Best Regards,

  • Betty's Best 2 Minute Interview   10 weeks 3 days ago

    Thanks for sharing knowledgeable video of Betty's best 2 minute
    interview with us which is all about the essence of Betty and her philosophy.

    Best Regards,

  • Raising Happy, Grounded Self-Sexual Sons   10 weeks 3 days ago

    This is beautiful.
    You have it right!

  • Should Madonna Keep Showing Her Tits?   10 weeks 6 days ago

    Women should be allowed to show their tits all they want! Good grief, what's the big deal?! They're just tits! Every woman has them. Not sure why society keeps making such a big deal over them!

  • How Can I Manage My Jealousy?   11 weeks 1 day ago

    Great advice from Betty yet again - know your worth!

    Know that you are valued by your partner, that they are choosing everyday to wake up with you and share your life & also understand that you are doing the same with them.

    Talking therapy to help develop a sense of our own self-worth and to help us work out what we actually want from life can be really useful. It's something that can be life changing so is certainly worth thinking about.

  • Should Madonna Keep Showing Her Tits?   11 weeks 1 day ago

    It remains totally befuddling that people feel so entitled to comment on what women do or do not wear, on how much or how little of their own bodies they're willing to show the world, whether it's madonna getting her boobs out or a woman having her hijab torn off on the bus.

    It's just different sides of the same coin - control over women and thier bodies.

  • My Girlfriend's Vagina is Too Big For My Penis   11 weeks 1 day ago

    My wife and I had two previous marriages, and now in our 20th years of happiness and exciting, erotic sex. I missed the 'sexual revolution' (now 82-yo) but 'she' was a flower child (16-years younger than me). The glue that first bound us together, we both want and need lots of good sex. I'm very uninhibited, but 'she' is more the introvert and was slow to share her youthful sexual experiences. Our 'genital measurements' were compatible and neither had reason to complain. I learned quickly that she likes 'sexy stories/dirty talk' and enters a true altered state of consciousness, hypnotic trance-like. By chance one evening, I teasingly whispered "you want a BIG DICK" and she ejaculated firstever and only rarely does afterward. There began a very slow progression in her revealing her most intimate and erotic experiences. Our 'sex life' was already very good, and just kept getting better. All I have to do is whisper, 'you want a BIG DICK', then gently slide an inflatable dildo into her pussy, and she goes into orbit!

  • Overcoming Procrasturbation   11 weeks 2 days ago

    Loved Marissa's post and Marti's comments!  While I have kept pretty good records for my 35 years of masturbating, my average frequency took a dip in my 30s, before increasing in my 40s.  I am probably averaging about 4 times a day now.  I can honestly say that my increase has been a result of getting better and better at self love.  I love rewarding myself with an extended evening of pleasure or an occassional "mental health day" where I really go to town and stroke myself into alterted states of bliss!  I can see myself increasing to 5 or more times a day as I get older and have less responsiblities.  It is lovely to see that others feel the way I do.

  • Gender Roles are Created by Society Not Biology   11 weeks 3 days ago

    We have seen plenty of gender equality and roles debates that raise many questions in our mind. Found eyebrow-raising details about inherent rigidity of gender roles that are created by society not biology. The young generation has to focus on this matter especially students who seek help of college assignment writers UK those can provide coursework help at Quality Assignment, will sure share this video with them that can sure change their vision on gender roles.

  • How Can a Plus-Size Gal Get On Top?   11 weeks 3 days ago

    As a man who has had  very large lovers (as large as 400 pounds) on top, this is not nearly as scary as it sounds.  Most men are able to handle this - and remember this - your man is well aware of your size - he wouldn't be with you if he didn't find you sexy.  Just go for it - it will be an amazing experience for both of you!

  • Ralph Lauren's First Plus-Size Model   11 weeks 3 days ago

    Those are some beautiful woman, Patrick!  Thank you for sharing.  I have always appreciated beauty across a large spectrum of shapes and sizes.  Confidence is still the most attractive feature in any woman!

  • Started Masturbation at Age 8   11 weeks 4 days ago

    It's quite odd that the solicitation of new genital-art submissions remains on the site, as does the 'why this is important to our work' posting, and that people continue to submt photos, essays, release forms and copies of identity documents, but nothing new has been posted to the gallery in the past 6 or 7 years, since 2011.

    I feel sorry for those who made the 'donation for access' based on the representation that this was ongoing, and for those whose submissions have never been posted, and for those whose never will be, because this has actually been abandoned years ago. Continuing to accept donations under these circumstances, and with the representaiton that this is ongoing, seems to me to be unethical. That, and somewhere out there, there are a large number of submissions that include signatures, photo ID, pictures of people's genitals, and essays about their relationships with those genitals, that are subject to being hacked, but which will never be posted to the gallery. If they knew this up-front, I doubt that any would have taken the time to prepare and submit them in good faith.

    I'd expressed these same concerns using the site's contact-us utility back in November 2017, but received no reply.