How To Use the Barbell

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Sun, 07/20/2008 - 11:26
Submitted by Betty Dodson

The Barbell by Betty Dodson
A Vaginal Exerciser Designed by a Woman Sexologist

Betty Dodson PhD has proven though working with thousands of women that a strong pelvic floor muscle enhances orgasm with oneself and during partner sex. The same muscle also insures bladder control, maintains vaginal health, and contributes to a person's overall health, and contributes to a person’s overall wellbeing.

The Barbell is both a practical vaginal exerciser and an excellent pleasure device that she has used for years in teaching women about orgasm. Made of stainless steel, the Barbell is sturdy enough to become a family heirloom that can be passed down from grandmother to granddaughter.

The Barbell is 6 3⁄4 inches long and weighs nearly one pound. Once inserted, the weight holds it in place. We recommend sterilizing the Barbell before first time use by putting it in boiling water for a minute or two. Another method of sterilization is putting it in a dishwasher. Thereafter, washing the Barbell with hot soapy water is sufficient.

First Some Useful Information

Kegel Exercises: Many women today are familiar with doing Kegel exercises especially after giving birth. In the early 1940's, a gynecologist named Dr. Arnold Kegel was helping women to overcome urinary incontinence through pelvic floor exercises instead of relying only on surgery. After several months, some of his clients reported having orgasms for the first time. Dr. Kegel designed a feedback instrument called the Perineometer, a meter with a rubber hose attached to a penis shaped device. Once inserted, it showed the amount of pressure applied by tightening the vaginal muscle. In Betty's early orgasm workshops, women took turns using a Perineometer with a condom on it. Similar to the strong men in the circus swinging a mallet to ring the bell, when a woman scored a 100, Betty rang a bicycle bell while the group applauded.

Locating the PC Muscle: There are several pelvic floor muscles but the one we will be most concerned with surrounds both the male and female sex organs and is called the pubococcygeus, or the PC muscle. It attaches to the front of the pubic bone and goes around the anus. When the PC is contracted it can be felt in the clitoris, penis, vagina, and anus. One way to locate the muscle is to abruptly stop and start the flow of urine. A second and more dramatic way is to insert a finger inside the vagina and squeeze the PC muscle. When you feel pressure around your finger, you are using the correct muscle.

Exercising the PC Muscle: Try to keep everything relaxed except the vaginal muscle. LIFT UP. Do not bear down. At first, women often tighten the surrounding muscles in their stomachs, thighs, and buttocks. For the best results practice isolating and then tightening just the PC muscle. Be patient. Many women find it's easiest to use the Barbell first thing in the morning or just before going to bed. There are many ideas about how to best do PC muscle exercises like squeezing the muscle 10 times and resting. Or holding the muscle tight for a count of 5 followed by several rapid contractions. Most professionals agree that having a resistance device inside the vagina gives better results. However there's nothing wrong with exercising the PC muscle without the Barbell while watching television, talking on the phone, or browsing the Internet. It not only feels good but it keeps us in touch with our bodies.

Possible Benefits from Using the Barbell

1. A toned PC Muscle insures better orgasms, genital health, and bladder control as well as regulates the bowels and enhances overall health. Doing PC exercises can also shorten delivery time and restore vaginal muscles after giving birth. During intercourse, rhythmically squeezing the PC muscle enhances sexual pleasure for both a woman and her partner. A healthy PC muscle would lower the number of pre-orgasmic women, avoid surgery to tighten relaxed vaginas, and eliminate Urinary Stress Incontinence. USI is the involuntary loss of urine while lifting, coughing, sneezing, laughing or having an orgasm. Millions of women needlessly suffer some degree of urinary incontinence resulting from multiple births, menopause, and the absence of genital awareness due to the lack of sex information. Using the Barbell will avoid off-putting treatments like surgery or having to wear adult diapers.

2. Combining PC Exercises with Orgasm: As for the frequency of doing the exercises, we believe that once the PC muscle exercise is associated with sexual pleasure, each woman will discover her own individual style and preference. We have also been told by our clients that ending a PC workout with an orgasm has inspired many to do the exercise on a regular basis whether its once a day in the beginning or two or three times a week later on. Many women have said that consciously working the PC muscle while masturbating has clearly enhanced their experience of orgasm. Listening to music and adding a rhythm will vary the exercise and make it more pleasurable.

3. Vaginal Dilator and Aerator: Young women can use the Barbell as a vaginal dilator to prevent painful first time intercourse. By getting in touch with her PC muscle and starting with the smaller ball, you can gradually penetrate your own vagina with a minimum of discomfort. Many women diagnosed with vaginismus (painful spasm of the vagina) or who suffer from a chronically tight vagina can use the Barbell to gradually learn how to relax the vaginal muscles by working the PC muscle. For women who are postmenopausal or no longer having penetration sex with a partner, using the Barbell will aerate the vagina, help slough off dead cells, encourage lubrication and enhance orgasms during self-stimulation.

How to Use the Barbell

1. Inserting the Barbell: Lie down on your back with one or more pillows under your head. Bend your knees with both feet on the floor. Be comfortable. While taking several deep breaths and relaxing, spend a few moments connecting with your body. Apply massage oil on your hands and warm up with a genital massage that includes your clitoris. Lubricate the Barbell and place the larger ball just at the vaginal opening. Totally relax the vaginal muscles as you exhale then squeeze and release the PC muscle on the edge of the ball. Take another deep breath and exhale relaxing the vagina as you slowly insert the Barbell an inch. Again squeeze and release the PC muscle several times. Continue this process until full penetration has been achieved. If any discomfort is experienced, use the smaller end of the Barbell.

2. Enhancing Your Orgasm with PC Exercises: Depending on the length of each woman's vaginal barrel, an inch or two of the Barbell will remain on the outside of her vagina. Once fully inserted, the weight of the Barbell holds it in place leaving both hands free. We have our clients use one hand for clitoral stimulation either manually, with a battery or an electric vibrator while squeezing and releasing the PC muscle. Try using the other hand for body and breast massage. To move the Barbell tighten the PC muscle as you slowly pull it out leaving the larger ball just inside the vagina. Then relax the vaginal muscle and let go of the Barbell. Its weight will allow it to drop back inside effortlessly. In the beginning, most women prefer to leave the Barbell in place while they combine PC muscle contractions with pelvic rocking, breathing, and their preferred clitoral stimulation.

3. Coordinating Breathing, Pelvic Rocking and the PC Muscle: As you rock the pelvis up, exhale and squeeze the PC tight. Then, inhaling you drop your hips back down and relax the muscle. Keep the movements small and gentle. If the reverse feels better you can inhale rocking forward and exhale dropping back. At first this seems complicated but it's similar to learning a new dance step. In the beginning we feel awkward and self-conscious but after many repetitions the body takes over and the moves become automatic. There is no one "right" way to use any of these techniques. The important thing is to breathe, rock and squeeze the muscle until your own individual style emerges.

4. The Barbell as a Sleek Sex Toy: It's very sensual to have a lover slowly move the barbell back and forth inside the vagina while a woman uses her fingers or the Magic Wand vibrator to stimulate the clitoris. With the woman lying on her back, try angling the Barbell up to press on the ceiling of the vagina, stimulating the urethral sponge/female prostate/g-spot, or gently press the Barbell against the cervix. The smooth surface of the barbell makes it a safe toy for anal penetration. It is important to note that when using the barbell anally you or your partner must hold on to the end to prevent the barbell from slipping all the way inside.

5. The PC Muscle and Men: A toned PC muscle is as important for men as it is for women. If young men knew how to use their PC muscles during masturbation, they could learn to control the urge to ejaculate. Then they would be able to extend the pleasures of intercourse and enjoy having fuller orgasms as adults.

Men at any age can benefit from doing isometric exercises with the Barbell inside the anus. A healthy PC muscle will not only reduce the vast numbers of fast ejaculating men, it would also lower the high percentage of older men who no longer have erections and/or end up with urinary incontinence. Using the Barbell anally while stimulating the penis heightens male orgasm with or without internal prostate massage.


The information above is not a substitute for medical care. Do not use the Barbell under any of the following circumstances: wait 6 weeks after delivering a baby and 6 weeks after pelvic surgery. If you have pain or suspect you have a vaginal or urinary infection, consult a physician.


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IUDs and Barbells

Tue, 06/09/2009 - 18:58
carlisleorama (not verified)

So, does anyone know the actualy reason why you're not supposed to use this and SO MANY OTHER sex toys if you have an IUD? I don't get it. I guess it's risky because you could, in theory, get a little to excited and knock the damn thing out, or push it too far into your uterus. I don't know. It seems to me like if I shouldn't be using this, maybe I just should be penetrating myself in anyway at all. And that's definitely not cool.

Why Can't I Use the Barbell While Pregnant

Thu, 07/09/2009 - 15:54
Anonymous User (not verified)

I am curious as to why I can not use the barbell while pregnant. My husband and I are currently trying to get pregnant. I have never had an orgasm and I would like to work with the barbell and the suggestions in the first orgasm article. Can I use it in early pregnancy? Not at all?

Thank you

The barbell won't interfere

Thu, 07/09/2009 - 17:20
Carlin Ross

The barbell won't interfere while you're getting pregnant.  Once you're pregnant, you have to be cautious and so do we about getting sued ;)

"most people are fools, most authority is malignant, God does not exist, and everything is wrong" Ted Nelson

I am certified insexual

Sun, 04/10/2011 - 11:02
Pure Romance By jess (not verified)

I am certified in sexual health and reading this scared me on so many levels.

1. toys should not be washed with soap and water..nor the dishwasher. Anything
that goes inside of your vagina should be washed with a professional toy
cleaner. If you wash it with soap and water you leave the soap film on the toy.
Then when you insert it that soap gets inside of you which can cause irritation
and can lead to infections. Then the you really want dish soap
inside of you (keep in mind most dish soap has traces of bleach!)? not healthy
at all.

2. Please do not share your toys with ANYONE or "pass them down in your
family" this should never be done...EVER no matter what the toy is made

3. the paragraph about kegel excursuses...women really took turns with the same
item? even with a condom… that sounds terrible. I think this toy would work,
but I think it would be more for vaginal stimulation. I would think that Ben Wa
Balls would work better for strengthening the PC muscles.

I don’t even want to keep reading this. i am sorry if I am offending you Betty,
but come on...if you are going to give women advise at least make sure you are
giving accurate advise. I cant tell you how many women I meet who tell me they
use soap on their toys all because they read it somewhere that they should do
it that way. I am sure someone will have something to say about this, but I
will hold my ground. I think it is important for women to have proper education
about sexual matters.

Dear Jess

Betty Dodson's picture
Sun, 04/10/2011 - 17:57
Betty Dodson

Information is never offensive to me. However bad formatting drives me crazy. I'm sorry you were so upset by what I wrote but I'm sure you will get over it. As for "soap" being an evil element, I come from an era where we used a spemicide jelly that contained a small amount of detergent (non-oxyinol 9) that lined our diaphragms. I fucked my way though the sexual revolution with an abundance of sex partners with not one STD or any problem of any kind.

I returned to vaginal intercourse at the age of 69. This time my young lover and I could do bareback penetration and I enjoyed some of the best sex of my life in spite of washing my dildos and toys with soap. You represent what I call the "Over-cautious-disease-oriented professional." I hate to mention this but with an atomic cloud floating over from Japan, I seriously doubt a little soap residue in our pussies will kill anyone. But your information is there for all who might be interested. Thanks for jumping in with your opinion,

Dr. Betty


Sat, 07/02/2011 - 19:06
Patricia k (not verified)

Dear Betty,
if my pc muscles are strong, should I be able to hold the barbell in while I am standing?
Thank you

To Dr. Betty

Thu, 12/22/2011 - 12:28
Sara777 (not verified)

Hi dr betty. I would have to agree with you on this and as a longtime reader I think it takes some people a while to adjust to your style but personally I love your straight to the point and truthful attitude! I've learned a lot since being a reader here and vaginal barbells are new to even me, I'm thinking of ordering one next week.
By the way a quick question if you wouldnt mind: have you heard of this intivar tightening cream @ I would like your honest review because I trust your say :)
I will check back, so thank you again my dear and look forward to your response :)
Your long time reader and friend Sara <3

Sara, I checked this out and my response is....

Betty Dodson's picture
Fri, 12/23/2011 - 13:17
Betty Dodson

It's CRAP! It's like offering an herb or OTC anything to change a muscle. We do that by using said muscle through moving it to strengthen it. My motto: If it sounds too good to be true, chances are it isn't true. Start doing your Kegel's and having more orgasms with the Barbell inside while you squeeze and release the pelvic floor muiscle. Happy Orgasms!

IUD's and Barbells

Fri, 02/10/2012 - 01:04
AlexisR (not verified)

I second the question: why are you advised not to use barbells and other such sex toys when you have an IUD? And, more importantly, what will happen if you do?

I pose the question mostly because I am a preorgasmic young woman who would like to have the benefit of strengthened PC muscles and such, but I have an IUD. I chose to use an IUD as my birth control method because it was the only form of birth control that had a non-hormonal option and - thus far - it has been working quite well for me and I would like to keep using it.

So, I would like to know if the warning about barbells and IUD's is something to take seriously and I should avoid using such sex toys, OR if (with proper attention paid to my BC method) I can use them if, perhaps, cautiously.

Thanks for your time, AR

IUDs and things in the vagina...

Sun, 02/19/2012 - 15:55

....if we couldn't use a barbell with an iud I guess a penis could be harmful as well!!! :-D 
I think it's just that barbells dildos etc. have someone who manifactured them and they want to be careful to not to be sued by someone who actually has no reasonable grounds to do it... I read somewhere also that I shouldn't use tampons with the iud... Well I do, if I need. With tampons the problem could be that the string of the iud gets stuck with the tampon and the whole thing comes out... Well I take that risk.
With the barbell, I take the risk (at the moment I can't think of any and a quick googling didn't give me any) and with the penis I'll know whom to sue!! :-P
Find some pictures about how the IUD is in the womb... So you know what the penis/barbell could "do" to it.
(I've heard that toilet brushes come with a note "Not for personal hygiene" in some places).

PS. I take no responsibility what so ever for this comment...

Do you ship the barbell to Louxembourg?

Sat, 07/07/2012 - 04:57
Anastacia (not verified)

I was wondering if you ship the barbell also to louxembourg, because i couldn't find it on the list. And I don't have any sexually open friends in other countris, where i could order it.
I like the shape and the length, because I think I can use it for training my PC musels, while having fun. It's like you combined two sex toys, Ben Wa balls and a dildo. I think at least this way.
And to the discussion about IUD and sex toys: I have the gynefix since a year and I never had problems with using sex toys inside my vagina, tampons or my boyfriend. If your sex toy is clean, i think nothing should happen. I wash my sex toys with water, and if needed with soap, and so far nothing happend.
If you can't wash your sextoy in the dishwasher, then you shoulden't wash your dishes neither, because the soap might stick to your food, when you use your dishes to eat. It's just simple logic. ;)) If your sextoy has any electronics inside or is not waterproof, then be careful.
anyway I wish you guys happy orgasms!!!


Mon, 03/04/2013 - 13:18

Hi Betty, I think the barbell sounds great, unfortunately having ordered it a few months ago it still hasn't arrived! Is there a problem shipping to UK? Can you check out if it got despatched OK please?
Thank you

"scared me on so many

Thu, 12/05/2013 - 11:00
Marcel Kincaid (not verified)

"scared me on so many levels"

You should work on that, Jess; your level of fear isn't healthy, and fears of a minute amount of soap film in the vagina is not rooted in sound, rational thinking.

Soap & Water cleans this barbell well...

Thu, 12/12/2013 - 23:56
Dtya York (not verified)

I'm 59 now and have used soap & water on ALL my sex toys for
cleaning...It depends on the typse of soap your using and whether your
allergic or sensitive to certain chemiclas or perfumes in those
soaps...Like Betty, I have never had an STD  and have been married now 4
times...I am also a Biseual female and I gave up counting how many
women I had bedded through the years...And how many toys were enjoyed
during those playtimes...Today I have all my toys and other sexual
novelties in a large trunk at the botttom of my bed...If you know how to
keep a sexy toy clean, you don't have to go to etremes with special
soaps and "prefessional" sex toy cleansers to keep them maintained and
ready for fun...To each their own, and when I want to play, I don't want
it in a sterile, germaphobic enviorment...I do use the Barbell and have
been since I purchased it in early 2000...And can crack Brazil Nuts...
The bonus here, Ihave never had any complaints...

How can I recreate this feeling in a sexual position?

Wed, 02/26/2014 - 22:52
newbie2 (not verified)

Hi Betty!
I too am a cross-legs kind of gal.  But curiously I've also done these exercises at the gym where I'm laying on a exercise plank face down.  Then I use the lower part of my legs to pull my feet (heels) up to my buttocks (the feet are bearing weights), which creates resistance - particularly in the pelvic region.  It creates a sensation like none other (especially arousing with feet fully flexed, for some reason) and I feel like I want to explode with some kind of overwhelming feeling (and pee all at the same time) - does that make sense? This feeling is so overwhelming that I've never been able to continue to see what happens (for fear I might just erupt in pee in the gym) - but I would love to know what is really going on (what muscles are being used?) and how can I recreate and explore this feeling and position (sexually) in the bedroom...  Is this linked to the G-spot?

Dear Newbie, this is not the place to ask questions.

Thu, 02/27/2014 - 13:41
Dr. Betty (not verified)

Go to Ask Dr Betty and post your question again.


Thu, 04/16/2015 - 00:04
Rebecca l (not verified)

A few friends and I bought these barbells back in college, when we all wanted to appear super sexual. And, after about 3 attempts to do something with it, mine went into the back of a box with pot-smoking paraphernalia and dice. Happily I just rediscovered this box during a pre-delivery housecleaning binge. And given the state of my post-delivery genitalia, it's going to get a lot of use! I wonder what happened to my friends' barbells...

what about dick?

Sat, 09/05/2015 - 07:00
SummerKnight (not verified)

I can see it's an old comment and already has enough replies but I can't help myself..
What about my boy's penis? And hopefully most other men's.. they get washed with soap and then go up us right? Plus I'd hedge a bet that more soap residue lingers on a penis than on a steel sex toy given that the surface of our skin is more rough than polished metal, with more wrinkles and micro creases and crevices, therefore increasing the surface area for soap residue to remain on..

Vaginal dryness

Sun, 10/18/2015 - 23:04
Looking for help (not verified)

Can the barbell help with vaginal dryness. If so how is the best way to use it. If not what else would you suggest.


Mon, 10/30/2017 - 11:36
I am not anonymous. (not verified)

I hate using the term epic for anything other than something like The Odyssey but your response was epic. People don’t put common sense together with advice they receive. Freaking out over the idea of soap or passing it to a daughter... well, have you ever ate in a public restaurant? Used a public toilet? Had surgery? You’re trusting them all to clean and sanitize everything. Instruments that are used to cut you open and be INSIDE YOU and I don’t mean your vagina, I mean your actual insides—they’re sterilized and you don’t think twice about it. So why would you throw a fit over the suggestion of using a dishwasher? Do you put the fork you washed in the dishwasher in your mouth? USE YOUR HEAD!!